The Keller Williams Advantage

Why customers LOVE working with KW agents, and why they could love working with YOU TOO!

Our vision at Keller Williams is to be the real estate company of choice for agents and their customers.

Let’s face it, buyers and sellers love working with KW agents because they know that they are receiving the whole package. We call this the KW advantage, and it’s made up of 5 different parts:


Our team is constantly on the search for new tools and technologies to help you in your business. That means it doesn’t just look fancy, but actually performs to make the buying and selling process better for the customer. Technology is changing the way we buy and sell real estate. Our KW tech team stays on top of the trends to make sure you are the most sophisticated agent out there.

We also lead the way in back-end content for the agent to make them look as professional as possible. It’s not about replacing customer interaction with technology. It’s about using technology as a tool to create a better experience for both agents and their customers.


Keller Williams makes it easy for its agents to work together. We come from the belief that we are more successful in striving toward a common goal rather than our individual interests. At KW, the individual agent’s success can actually work in tandem with working for the good of their fellow agents.


It’s no secret – KW is the TOP training company out there. Our agents are the most knowledgeable and competent agents in the business. We pour into our agents constantly with the best training classes and courses in the business. We believe that if we can grow each individual agent to their fullest potential, they will in turn be able to better serve their clients.

Refer to our article about training classes for a quick sample of what we have to offer.


Trust, honesty, and integrity are key today in business. If your clients can’t trust you then you really can’t trust that you’ll have any clients. You’ve heard many times that people do business with those that they know, like, and trust.

KW emphasizes the importance of having the integrity to do the right thing and put the client’s needs first. Two of the values in our belief system (Integrity: do the right thing, Trust: starts with honesty) have to do with being reliable and upright in your business.

Track Record

Keller Williams is now the largest real estate company in the world (and growing!) The strong growth at KW is proof that when you offer your clients a superior level of service, word spreads fast.

KW agents have a proven track record of being some of the top producers in pretty much every market they are in.

When you join KW you will be on a different level because you are constantly trained, coached, assisted, motivated and most of all APPRECIATED!

This is what we call the Keller Williams advantage.

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